Converting an organization member to an outside collaborator

If a current member of your organization only needs access to certain repositories, such as consultants or temporary employees, you can convert them to an outside collaborator.

Solo los miembros con privilegios de propietario de una organización o privilegios de administrador de un repositorio pueden convert organization members into outside collaborators.

Cuando agregas un colaborador externo a un repositorio, también es necesario que lo agregues en cualquier bifurcación del repositorio al que le quieras dar acceso.

After converting an organization member to an outside collaborator, they'll only have access to the repositories that their current team membership allows. The person will no longer be an explicit member of the organization, and will no longer be able to:

  • Create teams
  • See all organization members and teams
  • @mention any visible team
  • Be a team maintainer

For more information, see "Permission levels for an organization."

We recommend reviewing the organization member's access to repositories to ensure their access is as you expect. For more information, see "Managing an individual's access to an organization repository."

When you convert an organization member to an outside collaborator, their privileges as organization members are saved for three months so that you can restore their membership privileges if you add them back to your organization within that time frame. For more information, see "Reinstating a former member of your organization."

  1. En la parte izquierda de tu página de perfil, debajo de "Organizaciones", da clic en el icono de tu organización. iconos de organización
  2. Click the name of your organization. Organization name in list of organizations
  3. Debajo de tu nombre de organización, da clic en Personas. Pestaña de las Personas
  4. Select the person or people you'd like to convert to outside collaborators. List of members with two members selected
  5. Above the list of members, use the drop-down menu and click Convert to outside collaborator. Drop-down menu with option to convert members to outside collaborators
  6. Read the information about converting members to outside collaborators, then click Convert to outside collaborator. Information on outside collaborators permissions and Convert to outside collaborators button

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