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About alerts for vulnerable dependencies

GitHub Enterprise Cloud sends Las alertas del dependabot when we detect vulnerabilities affecting your repository.

About vulnerable dependencies

Una vulnerabilidad es un problema en el código de un proyecto que se puede aprovechar para dañar la confidencialidad, la integridad o la disponibilidad del proyecto o de otros proyectos que usan su código. Las vulnerabilidades varían en tipo, severidad y método de ataque.

When your code depends on a package that has a security vulnerability, this vulnerable dependency can cause a range of problems for your project or the people who use it.

Detection of vulnerable dependencies

Dependabot performs a scan to detect vulnerable dependencies and sends Las alertas del dependabot when:

Adicionalmente, GitHub puede revisar cualquier dependencia que se agregue, actualice o elimine en una solicitud de cambios que se haga contra la rama predeterminada de un repositorio así como marcar cualquier cambio que pudiera introducir una vulnerabilidad en tu proyecto. Esto te permite ubicar y tratar las dependencias vulnerables antes, en vez de después, de que lleguen a tu base de código. Para obtener más información, consulta la sección "Revisar los cambios a las dependencias en una solicitud de cambios".

For a list of the ecosystems that GitHub Enterprise Cloud can detect vulnerabilities and dependencies for, see "Supported package ecosystems."

Note: It is important to keep your manifest and lock files up to date. If the dependency graph doesn't accurately reflect your current dependencies and versions, then you could miss alerts for vulnerable dependencies that you use. You may also get alerts for dependencies that you no longer use.

Las alertas del dependabot for vulnerable dependencies

GitHub detects vulnerable dependencies in public repositories and generates Las alertas del dependabot by default. Owners of private repositories, or people with admin access, can enable Las alertas del dependabot by enabling the dependency graph and Las alertas del dependabot for their repositories.

You can also enable or disable Las alertas del dependabot for all repositories owned by your user account or organization. For more information, see "Managing security and analysis settings for your user account" or "Managing security and analysis settings for your organization."

For information about access requirements for actions related to Las alertas del dependabot, see "Repository roles for an organization."

GitHub Enterprise Cloud starts generating the dependency graph immediately and generates alerts for any vulnerable dependencies as soon as they are identified. The graph is usually populated within minutes but this may take longer for repositories with many dependencies. For more information, see "Managing data use settings for your private repository."

When GitHub Enterprise Cloud identifies a vulnerable dependency, we generate a Dependabot alert and display it on the Security tab for the repository and in the repository's dependency graph. The alert includes a link to the affected file in the project, and information about a fixed version. GitHub Enterprise Cloud may also notify the maintainers of affected repositories about the new alert according to their notification preferences. For more information, see "Configuring notifications for vulnerable dependencies."

For repositories where Actualizaciones de seguridad del dependabot are enabled, the alert may also contain a link to a pull request to update the manifest or lock file to the minimum version that resolves the vulnerability. For more information, see "About Actualizaciones de seguridad del dependabot."

Note: GitHub Enterprise Cloud's security features do not claim to catch all vulnerabilities. Though we are always trying to update our vulnerability database and generate alerts with our most up-to-date information, we will not be able to catch everything or tell you about known vulnerabilities within a guaranteed time frame. These features are not substitutes for human review of each dependency for potential vulnerabilities or any other issues, and we recommend consulting with a security service or conducting a thorough vulnerability review when necessary.

Access to Las alertas del dependabot

You can see all of the alerts that affect a particular project on the repository's Security tab or in the repository's dependency graph. For more information, see "Viewing and updating vulnerable dependencies in your repository."

By default, we notify people with admin permissions in the affected repositories about new Las alertas del dependabot. GitHub Enterprise Cloud never publicly discloses identified vulnerabilities for any repository. You can also make Las alertas del dependabot visible to additional people or teams working repositories that you own or have admin permissions for. For more information, see "Managing security and analysis settings for your repository."

Para recibir notificaciones sobre las Las alertas del dependabot en los repositorios, necesitas observar dichos repositorios y suscribirte para recibir notificaciones de "Toda la Actividad" o configurar los ajustes personalizados para que incluyan las "Alertas de seguridad". Para obtener más información, consulta la sección "Configurar tus ajustes de observación para repositorios individuales".

Puedes elegir el método de entrega de las notificaciones, así como la frecuencia en las que se te envían. For more information, see "Configuring notifications for vulnerable dependencies."

You can also see all the Las alertas del dependabot that correspond to a particular vulnerability in the GitHub Advisory Database. Para obtener más información, consulta las secciones "Buscar vulnerabilidades de seguridad en la GitHub Advisory Database" y Acerca de las GitHub Security Advisories".

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