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About Dependabot security updates

Dependabot can fix vulnerable dependencies for you by raising pull requests with security updates.

About Actualizaciones de seguridad del dependabot

Actualizaciones de seguridad del dependabot make it easier for you to fix vulnerable dependencies in your repository. If you enable this feature, when a Dependabot alert is raised for a vulnerable dependency in the dependency graph of your repository, Dependabot automatically tries to fix it. For more information, see "About alerts for vulnerable dependencies" and "Configuring Actualizaciones de seguridad del dependabot."

GitHub may send Las alertas del dependabot to repositories affected by a vulnerability disclosed by a recently published GitHub security advisory. Para obtener más información, consulta las secciones "Buscar vulnerabilidades de seguridad en la GitHub Advisory Database" y Acerca de las GitHub Security Advisories".

Dependabot checks whether it's possible to upgrade the vulnerable dependency to a fixed version without disrupting the dependency graph for the repository. Then Dependabot raises a pull request to update the dependency to the minimum version that includes the patch and links the pull request to the Dependabot alert, or reports an error on the alert. For more information, see "Troubleshooting Dependabot errors."


The Actualizaciones de seguridad del dependabot feature is available for repositories where you have enabled the dependency graph and Las alertas del dependabot. You will see a Dependabot alert for every vulnerable dependency identified in your full dependency graph. However, security updates are triggered only for dependencies that are specified in a manifest or lock file. Dependabot is unable to update an indirect or transitive dependency that is not explicitly defined. For more information, see "About the dependency graph."

You can enable a related feature, Actualizaciones de versión del dependabot, so that Dependabot raises pull requests to update the manifest to the latest version of the dependency, whenever it detects an outdated dependency. For more information, see "About Dependabot version updates."

Cuando el Dependabot levanta solicitudes de cambio, estas podrían ser para actualizaciones de seguridad o de versión:

  • Las Actualizaciones de seguridad del dependabot son solicitudes de cambios automatizadas que te ayudan a actualizar las dependencias con vulnerabilidades conocidas.
  • Las Actualizaciones de versión del dependabot son solicitudes de cambios automatizadas que mantienen tus dependencias actualizadas, incluso cuando no tienen vulnerabilidades. Para verificar el estado de las actualizaciones de versión, navega a la pestaña de perspectivas de tu repositorio, luego a la gráfica de dependencias, y luego al Dependabot.

About pull requests for security updates

Each pull request contains everything you need to quickly and safely review and merge a proposed fix into your project. This includes information about the vulnerability like release notes, changelog entries, and commit details. Details of which vulnerability a pull request resolves are hidden from anyone who does not have access to Las alertas del dependabot for the repository.

When you merge a pull request that contains a security update, the corresponding Dependabot alert is marked as resolved for your repository. For more information about Dependabot pull requests, see "Managing pull requests for dependency updates."

Nota: El tener pruebas automatizadas y procesos de aceptación establecidos para que las verificaciones se lleven a cabo antes de que se fusione la solicitud de extracción se considera como una buena práctica. Esto es particularmente importante si la versión que se sugiere mejorar contiene funcionalidades adicionales o un cambio que infrinja el código de tu proyecto. Para obtener más información acerca de la integración contínua, consulta la sección "Acerca de la Integración Contínua".

About compatibility scores

Actualizaciones de seguridad del dependabot may include compatibility scores to let you know whether updating a dependency could cause breaking changes to your project. These are calculated from CI tests in other public repositories where the same security update has been generated. An update's compatibility score is the percentage of CI runs that passed when updating between specific versions of the dependency.

About notifications for Dependabot security updates

You can filter your notifications on GitHub to show Dependabot security updates. For more information, see "Managing notifications from your inbox."