About billing on GitHub

Everything you purchase on GitHub shares your account's billing date, payment method, and receipt.

You can upgrade your personal account or organization to a paid subscription at any time. You can also choose to purchase apps from Mercado GitHub or upgrade storage and bandwidth for Almacenamiento de archivos de gran tamaño Git. For more information, see:

Managing billing settings

You must manage billing settings, payment method, and paid features and products for each of your accounts separately. You can choose to pay monthly or yearly for each account's paid products and features. Every paid feature or product associated with an account shares a billing date, payment method, and receipt.

Puedes pagar GitHub con tarjeta de crédito o mediante una cuenta PayPal. Cuando actualizas tu método de pago para la suscripción GitHub de tu cuenta, tu nuevo método de pago se agrega automáticamente a tus otras suscripciones de productos pagos.

For more information, see "Managing your GitHub billing settings."

Switching between settings for your different accounts

If you're an organization or enterprise owner, you can switch between settings for your different accounts using the context switcher in your settings.

  1. En la esquina superior derecha de cualquier página, da clic en tu foto de perfil y después da clic en Configuración. Icono Settings (Parámetros) en la barra de usuario
  2. At the top of the page, to the right of your username, click Switch to another account. Context switcher button
  3. Start typing the name of the account you want to switch to, then click the name of the account. Context switcher menu
  4. In the left sidebar, click Billing & plans. Billing & plans in the settings sidebar

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