We recommend that you restore your appliance by installing and running the GitHub Enterprise Backup Utilities on a dedicated server.

You can still manually run restore scripts if you prefer, but this is no longer recommended.

These instructions will restore all of your data except Management Console settings.


You must have already followed the instructions in "Backing up GitHub Enterprise" to generate backups.


  1. On your backup server, navigate to the directory where you installed the GitHub Enterprise Backup Utilities.

    cd /path/to/backup-utils
  2. Add your backup server's public SSH key to the appliance on which you would like to restore your data.

  3. Run bin/ghe-host-check on your backup server to confirm that it can connect to your GitHub Enterprise appliance.

    bin/ghe-host-check restore-hostname
  4. Enable maintenance mode on your appliance.

  5. Run bin/ghe-restore to restore your data.

    bin/ghe-restore restore-hostname
  6. Disable maintenance mode on your appliance.

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