You can enable maintenance mode immediately or schedule it using the Management Console's GUI or API. If you choose to schedule maintenance mode, this will be communicated to users by a banner at the top of every page.

Via the GUI

  1. Open the Management Console in your web browser.

  2. In the navigation bar at the top of the page, click Maintenance. Maintenance tab

  3. Under "Enable and schedule," choose when you would like to enable maintenance mode: now, in 30 minutes, in 1 hour, or in 2 hours. For more fine-grained control, use the API. Schedule maintenance mode

  4. Select Enable maintenance mode. Enable maintenance mode

Via the API

Send a POST request to your appliance's /setup/api/maintenance endpoint, providing a JSON string (maintenance) with the enabled attribute set to true and the when attribute set to a date parseable by mojombo/chronic. For example, to enable maintenance mode on Friday at 5:00 p.m.:

curl -X POST 'http://hostname/setup/api/maintenance?license_md5=md5-checksum-of-license' -d 'maintenance={"enabled":true, "when":"this friday 17:00"}'

For more details, see the Maintenance Status section of "Management Console API."

Further reading