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Using the API to manage Projects

true to make your project public on GitHub. Modify readme to make changes to your project's README. curl --request POST \ --url

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Featured GitHub integrations

with Slack Enterprise Grid. For more information, see the integration's README in the integrations/slack repository. Microsoft Teams and GitHub integration

Organizations / Manage organization settings /

Archiving an organization

updating your organization's profile and README with context about why it's archived. To add an organization-wide README, see "Customizing your organization's

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Getting started with writing and formatting on GitHub

Quickstart for writing on GitHub Learn advanced formatting features by creating a README for your GitHub profile. About writing and formatting on GitHub GitHub combines

GitHub Education / GitHub Classroom /

Learn with GitHub Classroom

deadline You can view the deadline for an assignment at any time through the README of your assignment repository.

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Basic writing and formatting syntax

have a README file in root of your repository, and you have another file in docs/, the relative link to in your README might

REST API / Metrics /

REST API endpoints for community metrics

detected license, and the presence of ISSUE_TEMPLATE, PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE, README, and CONTRIBUTING files. The health_percentage score is defined as a percentage

Repositories / Create & manage repositories /

Creating an issues-only repository

repository with the permissions you desire to host the issue tracker. Add a README file to the issues repository explaining the purpose of this repository

Codespaces / Setting up your project / Setting up your repository /

Facilitating quick creation and resumption of codespaces

the codespace creation page. One place you might want to do this is in the README file for your repository. For example, you can add the link to an "Open

Migrations / Import source code / Command line /

Importing a Team Foundation Version Control repository

on To avoid errors, do not initialize the new repository with README, license, or gitignore files. You can add these files after your project