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Hello World

you're working on. Often, repositories include a README file, a file with information about your project. README files are written in Markdown, which is an easy-to-read

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Customizing your profile

picture and adding a bio to your profile. Managing your profile README You can add a README to your GitHub profile to tell other people about yourself. Pinning

GitHub Education / GitHub Classroom / Integrate with an IDE / with GitHub Classroom

the Replit icon on the assignment README will no longer work. We suggest you remove the instructions from any README using the integration and let students

Repositories / Manage repository settings / Customize your repository /

Licensing a repository

projects include information about their license in their README. For example, a project's README may include a note saying "This project is licensed


REST API endpoints for repositories

Create or update file contents Delete a file Get a repository README Get a repository README for a directory Download a repository archive (tar) Download

Migrations / Import source code / Command line /

Adding locally hosted code to GitHub

on To avoid errors, do not initialize the new repository with README, license, or gitignore files. You can add these files after your project

Account and profile /

Setting up and managing your GitHub profile

organization's profile Personalizing your profile Managing your profile README Pinning items to your profile Setting your profile to private Managing contribution

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Archiving repositories

recommend that you close all issues and pull requests, as well as update the README file and description, before you archive a repository. Once a repository

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Changing a commit message

similar to the following: pick e499d89 Delete CNAME pick 0c39034 Better README pick f7fde4a Change the commit message but push the same commit. # Rebase

Pull requests / Collaborate with pull requests / Working with forks /

Syncing a fork

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