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Custom Repository Roles

Use the REST API to interact with custom repository roles.

List custom repository roles in an organization

Works with GitHub Apps

List the custom repository roles available in this organization. In order to see custom repository roles in an organization, the authenticated user must be an organization owner.

To use this endpoint the authenticated user must be an administrator for the organization or of an repository of the organization and must use an access token with admin:org repo scope. GitHub Apps must have the organization_custom_roles:read organization permission to use this endpoint.

For more information on custom repository roles, see "About custom repository roles."


Name, Type, Description

Setting to application/vnd.github+json is recommended.

Path parameters
Name, Type, Description

The unique identifier of the organization.

HTTP response status codes

Status codeDescription

Response - list of custom role names

Code samples

curl \ -H "Accept: application/vnd.github+json" \ -H "Authorization: Bearer <YOUR-TOKEN>" \ http(s)://HOSTNAME/api/v3/organizations/ORGANIZATION_ID/custom_roles

Response - list of custom role names

Status: 200
{ "total_count": 2, "custom_roles": [ { "id": 8030, "name": "Developer" }, { "id": 8031, "name": "Designer" } ] }