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About GitHub Copilot Enterprise

Learn about GitHub Copilot Enterprise and how it compares to other Copilot plans.

Who can use this feature?

GitHub Copilot Enterprise is available for enterprise accounts on GitHub Enterprise Cloud.

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About Copilot Enterprise

GitHub Copilot is an AI-powered coding assistant that helps developers write code faster.

GitHub Copilot Enterprise is a Copilot plan available for enterprises that use GitHub Enterprise Cloud. It provides AI features to enhance your experience on, such as the ability to chat with Copilot in the browser and reference context for Copilot from across your project repositories. For more information, see "GitHub Copilot Enterprise feature set." For details of the differences between GitHub Copilot Enterprise and the other Copilot plans, see the comparison table below.

Enterprise owners can allow some or all organizations in the enterprise to access GitHub Copilot. If an organization has access to Copilot, owners of the organization can assign Copilot Enterprise seats to some or all members of the organization. For more information, see "Enabling GitHub Copilot Enterprise features."

Understanding the differences between Copilot Business, Copilot Individual, and Copilot Enterprise

Copilot IndividualCopilot BusinessCopilot Enterprise
Pricing$10 USD per month
$100 USD per year
$19 USD per user per month$39 USD per user per month
Types of GitHub accountsPersonal accountsOrganization or enterprise accountsEnterprise accounts on GitHub Enterprise Cloud
Copilot Chat
GitHub Copilot in the CLI
Code snippet collection (Unless disabled)
Blocks suggestions matching public code
Plugs right into your editor
Offers multi-line function suggestions
Organization-wide policy management
Exclude specified files
Audit logs
Copilot Chat in
Copilot Chat skills in VS Code
Copilot Chat skills in Visual Studio
Copilot Chat in GitHub Mobile
Copilot pull request summaries
Copilot knowledge bases

Setting up and enabling Copilot Enterprise

To use Copilot Enterprise, you need to set up a subscription for your enterprise account. For more information, see "Subscribing to Copilot for your organization."

After setting up a subscription, enterprise owners and organization owners can enable Copilot Enterprise for their enterprise or organization. For more information, see "Enabling GitHub Copilot Enterprise features."

Assigning GitHub Copilot seats

To use the features of Copilot Enterprise you must have access to GitHub Copilot.

Access to GitHub Copilot is managed at the organization level. To give people or teams within an organization access to GitHub Copilot, an organization owner must assign each individual a GitHub Copilot seat. Organization owners can grant access to all current and future users in the organization, or just to specific users. For more information, see "Granting access to Copilot for members of your organization."

About billing for Copilot Enterprise

Copilot Enterprise subscriptions are billed monthly, based on the number of GitHub Copilot seats assigned to users within your enterprise. For more information, see "About billing for GitHub Copilot."

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