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GitHub Copilot features

GitHub Copilot offers a suite of features. Copilot also offers a suite of features for administrators.

GitHub Copilot features

Code completion

Autocomplete-style suggestions from Copilot in supported IDEs (Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, JetBrains IDEs, Azure Data Studio, and Vim/Neovim).

Copilot Chat

A chat interface that lets you ask coding-related questions. GitHub Copilot Chat is available in (Copilot Enterprise only), in GitHub Mobile, and in supported IDEs (Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, and JetBrains IDEs). Copilot Enterprise users can also use skills with Copilot Chat.

Copilot in the CLI

A chat-like interface in the terminal, where you can ask questions about the command line. You can ask Copilot to provide command suggestions or explanations of commands.

Copilot pull request summaries (Copilot Enterprise only)

AI-generated summaries of the changes that were made in a pull request, which files they impact, and what a reviewer should focus on when they conduct their review.

Copilot knowledge bases (Copilot Enterprise only)

Create and manage collections of documentation to use as context for chatting with Copilot. When you ask a question in Copilot Chat in or in VS Code, you can specify a knowledge base as the context for your question.

GitHub Copilot features for administrators

The following features are available to organization and enterprise owners with a Copilot Business or Copilot Enterprise subscription.

Policy management

Manage policies for Copilot in your organization or enterprise.

Access management

Enterprise owners can specify which organizations in the enterprise can use Copilot, and organization owners can specify which organization members can use Copilot.

Usage data

Review Copilot usage data within your organization or enterprise to inform how to manage access and drive adoption of Copilot.

Audit logs

Review audit logs for Copilot in your organization to understand what actions have been taken and by which users.

Exclude files

Configure Copilot to ignore certain files. This can be useful if you have files that you don't want to be available to Copilot.

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