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Disabling Copilot for organizations in your enterprise

Disable GitHub Copilot for some or all of the organizations in your enterprise.

Who can use this feature?

Enterprise admins

Copilot Enterprise or Copilot Business

  1. On the left side of the page, in the enterprise account sidebar, click Policies.

  2. In the " Policies" section, click Copilot.

  3. In the "Copilot is active in your enterprise" section, configure the access for your GitHub Copilot subscription.

    • To disable GitHub Copilot for all organizations in your enterprise, select Disabled.
    • To disable GitHub Copilot for specific organizations, select Allow for specific organizations.
  4. If you selected Allow for specific organizations, select the organizations you want to disable GitHub Copilot for. Then, click the Set organization permissions dropdown and select Disable to deny GitHub Copilot access for the specified organizations.

    Screenshot of the GitHub Copilot policy page. The organization permissions dropdown is outlined in dark orange.

  5. Review your selection.

    • If you selected Disabled, you will see a warning that disabling GitHub Copilot will revoke access for all organizations and members. To confirm, click Confirm and save.
    • If you selected Allow for specific organizations, click Save.