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About enhanced billing for Git Large File Storage

Learn about billing for Git Large File Storage.

Who can use this feature?

The enhanced billing platform is available to all enterprise accounts, and organizations owned by enterprise accounts, created after June 2, 2024. Enterprises that participated in the beta program also have access to the enhanced billing platform.

About billing for Git Large File Storage

Note: You must manage billing settings and paid features for each of your accounts separately. You can switch between settings for your personal account, organization accounts, and enterprise accounts using the context switcher on each settings page. For more information, see "About billing on GitHub."

Each GitHub account receives a certain amount of free bandwidth and storage for Git LFS, depending on the account's plan. Bandwidth is billed for each GiB of data downloaded. Storage is billed by calculating an hourly usage rate. To estimate costs for paid Git LFS usage, you can use the GitHub pricing calculator.

Bandwidth and storage usage only count against the repository owner's account. In forks, bandwidth and storage usage count against the root of the repository network. Anyone with write access to a repository can push files to Git LFS without affecting their personal bandwidth and storage usage. Forking and pulling a repository counts against the parent repository's bandwidth usage.

Included bandwidth and storage (per month)

The following amounts of bandwidth and storage are included for free with your GitHub account.

GitHub Free10 GiB10 GiB
GitHub Pro10 GiB10 GiB
GitHub Free for organizations10 GiB10 GiB
GitHub Team250 GiB250 GiB
GitHub Enterprise Cloud250 GiB250 GiB

Pricing for paid usage

If you use more than the included amount of bandwidth or storage for your plan throughout the month, you can still use Git LFS. GitHub bills for additional GiBs of data at the rates below.

ProductPrice per-GiB (USD)

Sample storage cost calculation

For example, if you use 1 GiB above what is included for free for the first 15 days of April, then use 2 GiB starting from April 16th to the end of the month, your storage costs will be calculated in the following way.

  • 1 GiB × 15 days × 24 hours per day = 360 GiB-hours
  • 2 GiB × 15 days × 24 hours per day = 720 GiB-hours
  • 360 GiB-hours + 720 GiB-hours = 1080 GiB-hours
  • 1080 GiB-hours / 720 hours in the month = 1.5 GiB-months

In this example, GitHub would bill for 1.5 GiB of storage for the month of April.

Managing your budget for Git Large File Storage

The default budget for paid usage is $0 for accounts that do not have a payment method on file. For accounts that do have a payment method on file, the default budget is unlimited. You can take steps to manage your Git LFS budget. For more information, see "Preventing overspending."

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