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Managing your GitHub billing settings

Your account's billing settings apply to every paid feature or product you add to the account. You can manage settings like your payment method, billing cycle, and billing email. You can also view billing information such as your subscription, billing date, payment history, and past receipts.


Starting August 19th, 2024, GitHub will begin collecting state-mandated sales tax, where and when applicable, from paying customers in the United States to align with industry standard regulatory practices. All United States customers are required to update payment information (specifically your address) to ensure the correct sales tax amount is assessed. If you are a paying customer, there will be a tax line on your receipt that provides a breakdown of the applicable taxes for the GitHub products and services you have purchased.

You will need to ensure that all required address fields are filled out in your billing information to calculate the correct sales tax. For more information about updating your billing information, see "Adding or editing a payment method."

If you're exempt from sales tax, you can upload a certificate to your account. See "Adding a sales tax certificate."

About billing on GitHub

Your bill is a combination of charges for your subscriptions, including your account's plan, and usage-based billing.

About billing for your enterprise

You can view billing information for your enterprise account on

Viewing your subscriptions and billing date

You can view your account's subscription, your other paid features and products, and your next billing date in your account's billing settings.

Adding or editing a payment method

You can add a payment method to your account or update your account's existing payment method at any time.

Viewing your payment history and receipts

You can view your account's payment history and download past receipts at any time.

Adding information to your receipts

You can add extra information to your GitHub Enterprise Cloud receipts, such as tax or accounting information required by your company or country.

Adding a sales tax certificate

If you're a customer in the United States with a GitHub Customer Agreement and you're exempt from sales tax, you can upload a certificate to ensure the correct sales tax amount is calculated.

Setting your billing email

Your account's billing email is where GitHub Enterprise Cloud sends receipts and other billing-related communication.

Changing the duration of your billing cycle

You can pay for your account's subscription and other paid features and products on a monthly or yearly billing cycle.

Redeeming a coupon

If you have a coupon, you can redeem it towards a paid GitHub subscription.

Troubleshooting a declined credit card charge

If the credit card you use to pay for GitHub Enterprise Cloud is declined, you can take several steps to ensure that your payments go through and that you are not locked out of your account.

Unlocking a locked account

Your account's paid features are locked if your payment is past due because of billing problems.