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About billing for your enterprise

You can view billing information for your enterprise account on

About billing for your enterprise

GitHub bills monthly for the total number of licensed seats for your organization or enterprise account, as well as any additional services you use with GitHub Enterprise Cloud, such as GitHub Actions minutes. For more information about the licensed seats portion of your bill, see "About per-user pricing."

For GitHub Enterprise Cloud customers with an enterprise account, GitHub bills through your enterprise account on For invoiced customers, each invoice includes a single bill charge for all of your paid services and any GitHub Enterprise Server instances. For more information about usage and invoices, see the following.

Administrators for your enterprise account on can access and manage billing for the enterprise. For more information, see "Roles in an enterprise."

If you purchased GitHub Enterprise through a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, you can connect your Azure Subscription ID to your enterprise account to enable and pay for any Codespaces usage, and for GitHub Actions or GitHub Packages usage beyond the amounts included with your account. For more information, see "Connecting an Azure subscription to your enterprise."

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