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Sending enterprise contributions to your profile

You can highlight your work on GitHub Enterprise by sending the contribution counts to your profile.

About enterprise contributions on your profile

Your profile shows GitHub Enterprise contribution counts from the past 90 days. GitHub Enterprise sends updates hourly. Contribution counts from GitHub Enterprise are considered private contributions. The commit details will only show the contribution counts and that these contributions were made in a GitHub Enterprise environment outside of

You can decide whether to show counts for private contributions on your profile. For more information, see "Showing your private contributions and achievements on your profile."

For more information about how contributions are calculated, see "Managing contribution settings on your profile."

Note: The connection between your accounts is governed by GitHub's Privacy Statement and users enabling the connection must agree to the GitHub Terms of Service.

Sending your enterprise contributions to your profile

Before you can connect your GitHub Enterprise profile to your profile, your enterprise owner must enable GitHub Connect and enable contribution sharing between the environments. For more information, contact your enterprise owner.

To send enterprise contributions from GitHub Enterprise Server to your profile, see "Sending enterprise contributions to your profile" in the GitHub Enterprise Server documentation.