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Viewing and re-running checks in GitHub Desktop

You can view the status of checks and re-run them in GitHub Desktop.

About checks in GitHub Desktop

GitHub Desktop displays the status of checks that have run in your pull request branches. The checks badge next to the branch name will display the pending, passing, or failing state of the checks. You can also re-run all, failed, or individual checks when viewing the status of the checks in GitHub Desktop. For more information on setting up checks in your repository, see "About status checks."

GitHub Desktop will also show a system notification when checks fail. For more information on enabling notifications, see "Configuring notifications in GitHub Desktop."

Viewing and re-running checks

  1. In GitHub Desktop, click Current Branch. Current Branch drop-down menu
  2. At the top of the drop-down menu, click Pull Requests. Pull Requests tab in the Current Branch drop-down menu
  3. In the list of pull requests, click the pull request you want to view. List of open pull requests in the repository
  4. Click on the pull request number, to the right of the pull request branch name. Checks display next to branch name
  5. To re-run failed checks, click Re-run and select Re-run Failed Checks. Re-run failed checks
  6. To re-run individual checks, hover over the individual check you want to re-run and select the icon to re-run the check. Re-run individual checks
  7. You will see a confirmation dialog with the summary of the checks that will be re-run. Click Re-run Checks to confirm that you want to perform the re-run. Re-run confirmation dialog