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Update to the latest version of GitHub Desktop before February 2 to avoid disruptions. For more information, see the GitHub blog post.

Making changes in a branch

Use your favorite text editor, such as Visual Studio Code, to make changes to your project, then use GitHub Desktop to visualize useful commits.

  • Managing branches

    You can create a branch off of a repository's default branch so you can safely experiment with changes.

  • Committing and reviewing changes to your project

    GitHub Desktop tracks all changes to all files as you edit them. You can decide how to group the changes to create meaningful commits.

  • Stashing changes

    You can temporarily save your changes without committing them to a branch by stashing the changes.

  • Viewing the branch history

    You can see details about any commit in GitHub Desktop, including a diff of the changes the commit introduced.

  • Pushing changes to GitHub

    As you commit changes to your project locally, you can push those changes to GitHub so that others may access them from the remote repository.