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Monitoring and troubleshooting workflows

You can view the status and results of each step in your workflow, debug a failed workflow, search and download logs, and view billable job execution minutes.

About monitoring and troubleshooting

You can use the tools in GitHub Actions to monitor and debug your workflows.

Using the visualization graph

Every workflow run generates a real-time graph that illustrates the run progress. You can use this graph to monitor and debug workflows.

Adding a workflow status badge

You can display a status badge in your repository to indicate the status of your workflows.

Viewing workflow run history

You can view logs for each run of a workflow. Logs include the status for each job and step in a workflow.

Viewing job execution time

You can view the execution time of a job, including the billable minutes that a job accrued.

Using workflow run logs

You can view, search, and download the logs for each job in a workflow run.

Enabling debug logging

If the workflow logs do not provide enough detail to diagnose why a workflow, job, or step is not working as expected, you can enable additional debug logging.

Notifications for workflow runs

You can subscribe to notifications about workflow runs that you trigger.

Viewing GitHub Actions usage metrics for your organization

Organization owners and CI/CD administrators can view usage metrics for how and where their organization uses GitHub Actions.

Working with Support for GitHub Actions

Learn how GitHub Support can assist with GitHub Actions