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GitHub CLI

The GitHub CLI is a command-line tool for using GitHub Enterprise Server features on your computer.

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Informationen zum GitHub CLI

GitHub CLI is an open source tool for using GitHub Enterprise Server from your computer's command line. When you're working from the command line, you can use the GitHub CLI to save time and avoid switching context.

You can use the following GitHub features with the GitHub CLI.

  • View, create, clone, and fork repositories
  • Create, close, and list issues and pull requests
  • Review, diff, and merge pull requests
  • Create, edit, list, and view gists

Weitere Informationen darüber, was Du mit GitHub CLI tun kannst, findest Du im GitHub CLI-Handbuch .

GitHub CLI installieren

Die Installationsanweisungen GitHub CLI für macOS, Windows und Linux findest Du auf der Seite GitHub CLI.

Feedback teilen

Wenn Du Feedback oder Funktions-Anfragen hast, kannst Du einen Issue im cli/cli-Repository öffnen.

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