Changing the default branch

If you have more than one branch in your repository, you can configure any branch as the default branch.

People with admin permissions to a repository can change the default branch for the repository.

About changing the default branch

You can choose the default branch for a repository. The default branch is the base branch for pull requests and code commits. For more information about the default branch, see "About branches."

Note: If you use the Git-Subversion bridge, changing the default branch will affect your trunk branch contents and the HEAD you see when you list references for the remote repository. For more information, see "Support for Subversion clients" and git-ls-remote in the Git documentation.


To change the default branch, your repository must have more than one branch. Weitere Informationen findest Du unter „Branches in Deinem Repository erstellen und löschen.“

Changing the default branch

  1. Navigiere in GitHub Enterprise Server zur Hauptseite des Repository.
  2. Klicke unter Deinem Repository-Namen auf Settings (Einstellungen). Schaltfläche „Repository settings" (Repository-Einstellungen)
  3. Klicke im linken Menü auf Branches. Untermenü „Repository options" (Repository-Optionen)
  4. In the default branch drop-down, choose the new default branch. Dropdown-Auswahl für Standardbranch
  5. Klicke auf Update (Aktualisieren).

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