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GitHub Enterprise Cloud support

GitHub Enterprise Cloud includes a target eight-hour response time for priority support requests, Monday to Friday in your local time zone.

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Note: GitHub Enterprise Cloud customers can sign up for GitHub 高级支持. For more information, see "About GitHub 高级支持 for GitHub Enterprise Cloud."

You can submit priority questions if you have purchased GitHub Enterprise Cloud or if you're a member, outside collaborator, or billing manager of a GitHub organization currently subscribed to GitHub Enterprise Cloud.

Questions that qualify for priority responses:

  • Include questions related to your inability to access or use GitHub's core version control functionality
  • Include situations related to your account security
  • Do not include peripheral services and features, such as questions about Gists, GitHub Pages, or email notifications
  • Include questions only about organizations currently using GitHub Enterprise Cloud

To qualify for a priority response, you must:

  • Submit your question to GitHub Enterprise 支持 from a verified email address that's associated with an organization currently using GitHub Enterprise Cloud
  • Submit a new support ticket for each individual priority situation
  • Submit your question from Monday-Friday in your local time zone
  • Understand that the response to a priority question will be received via email
  • Cooperate with GitHub 支持 and provide all of the information that GitHub 支持 asks for

Tip: Questions do not qualify for a priority response if they are submitted on a local holiday in your jurisdiction.

The target eight-hour response time:

  • Begins when GitHub 支持 receives your qualifying question
  • Does not begin until you have provided sufficient information to answer the question, unless you specifically indicate that you do not have sufficient information
  • Does not apply on weekends in your local timezone or local holidays in your jurisdiction

Note: GitHub 支持 does not guarantee a resolution to your priority question. GitHub 支持 may escalate or deescalate issues to or from priority question status, based on our reasonable evaluation of the information you give to us.

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