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Changing project board visibility

As an organization owner or project board admin, you can make a project board public or private.

默认情况下,用户拥有的和组织范围内的 project boards 是专用的,只有对 project board 具有读取、写入或管理权限的人才能看到。 公共 project board 对使用 project board URL 的任何人可见。 存储库级 project boards 共享其存储库的可见性。 也就是说,专用存储库将有一个专用项目,这种可见性无法更改。

Note: When you make your project board public, organization members are given read access by default. You can give specific organization members write or admin permissions by giving access to teams they're on or by adding them to the project board as a collaborator. For more information, see "Project board permissions for an organization."

  1. Navigate to the project board you want to make public or private.
  2. 在 project board 的右上角,单击 “菜单”。
  3. 单击“”,然后单击“设置”。 项目板侧边栏的下拉菜单中的设置选项
  4. 在“可见性”下,选择将项目板设为“公共”或“私有”。 有关详细信息,请参阅“更改项目板可见性”。 用于选择项目板可见性的单选按钮
  5. Click Save.