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About automation for project boards

You can configure automatic workflows to keep the status of project board cards in sync with the associated issues and pull requests.

To set up automatic workflows for a repository project board, you must have write access to the repository. Organization owners and members can configure automatic workflows on an organization-wide project board. For more information, see "Project boards permissions for an organization."

You can automate actions based on triggering events for project board columns. This eliminates some of the manual tasks in managing a project board. For example, you can configure a "To do" column, where any new issues or pull requests you add to a project board are automatically moved to the configured column. For more information, see "Configuring automation for project boards."

You can use a project board template to create a project board with automation already configured. 更多信息请参阅“关于 project boards”。

Project board automation can also help teams develop a shared understanding of a project board's purpose and the team's development process by creating a standard workflow for certain actions.

When you close a project board, any workflow automation configured for the project board will pause. If you reopen a project board, you have the option to sync automation, which updates the position of the cards on the board according to the automation settings configured for the project. For more information, see "Reopening a closed project board" or "Closing a project board."


  • 将所有新增的议题移到此处
  • 将所有新增的拉取请求移到此处
  • 将所有重新打开的议题移到此处
  • 将所有重新打开的拉取请求移到此处
  • 将所有新打开的拉取请求移到此处
  • 将所有重新打开的议题移到此处
  • 将所有重新打开的拉取请求移到此处
  • 将所有符合基本分支需要的最低评论数量的拉取请求移到此处
  • 将所有不再符合基本分支需要的最低评论数量的拉取请求移到此处
  • 将所有关闭的议题移到此处
  • 将所有合并的拉取请求移到此处
  • 将所有已关闭、已取消合并的拉取请求移到此处


You can track the progress on your project board. "To do"(待处理)、"In progress"(进行中)或 "Done"(完成)列中的卡计入总体项目进度。 If progress tracking is enabled, a progress bar appears above the project board, on the project listing page, in the issue sidebar, and in references to the project on other project boards.

For more information, see "Tracking progress on your project board."