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Re-running workflows and jobs

You can re-run a workflow run up to 30 days after its initial run.

Who can use this feature

People with write permissions to a repository can re-run workflows in the repository.

注意:GitHub Enterprise Server 目前不支持 GitHub 托管的运行器。 可以在 GitHub public roadmap 上查看有关未来支持计划的更多信息。

About re-running workflows and jobs

Re-running a workflow uses the same GITHUB_SHA (commit SHA) and GITHUB_REF (Git ref) of the original event that triggered the workflow run. You can re-run a workflow for up to 30 days after the initial run.

Re-running all the jobs in a workflow

  1. On your GitHub Enterprise Server instance, navigate to the main page of the repository.

  2. 在你的存储库名称下,单击 “操作”。 主存储库导航中的“操作”选项卡

  3. 在左侧边栏中,单击您想要查看的工作流程。 左侧边栏中的工作流列表

  4. 在工作流运行列表中,单击运行的名称以查看工作流运行摘要。


  5. In the upper-right corner of the workflow, use the Re-run jobs drop-down menu, and select Re-run all jobs.

    Re-run checks drop-down menu

若要详细了解 GitHub CLI,请参阅“关于 GitHub CLI”。

To re-run a failed workflow run, use the run rerun subcommand. Replace run-id with the ID of the failed run that you want to re-run. If you don't specify a run-id, GitHub CLI returns an interactive menu for you to choose a recent failed run.

gh run rerun RUN_ID

To view the progress of the workflow run, use the run watch subcommand and select the run from the interactive list.

gh run watch