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此版本的 GitHub Enterprise 将停止服务 2022-02-16. 即使针对重大安全问题,也不会发布补丁。 要获得更好的性能、改进的安全性和新功能,请升级到 GitHub Enterprise 的最新版本。 如需升级方面的帮助,请联系 GitHub Enterprise 支持



People with admin access to a repository can manage access to the repository.

About access to organization repositories

从组织中的仓库删除协作者时,该协作者会失去对仓库的读写权限。 如果仓库是私有的,并且协作者对仓库进行了复刻,则其复刻也会被检测到,但协作者仍然保留仓库的任何本地克隆副本。


  • If you remove a person’s access to a private repository, any of their forks of that private repository are deleted. Local clones of the private repository are retained. If a team's access to a private repository is revoked or a team with access to a private repository is deleted, and team members do not have access to the repository through another team, private forks of the repository will be deleted.

  • When LDAP Sync is enabled, if you remove a person from a repository, they will lose access but their forks will not be deleted. If the person is added to a team with access to the original organization repository within three months, their access to the forks will be automatically restored on the next sync.

  • You are responsible for ensuring that people who have lost access to a repository delete any confidential information or intellectual property.

  • People with admin permissions to a private or internal repository can disallow forking of that repository, and organization owners can disallow forking of any private or internal repository in an organization. For more information, see "Managing the forking policy for your organization" and "Managing the forking policy for your repository."

Giving a person access to a repository

  1. 在 your GitHub Enterprise Server instance 上,导航到仓库的主页面。
  2. 在仓库名称下,单击 Settings(设置)仓库设置按钮
  3. 在左边栏中,单击 Manage access(管理访问)"Manage access(管理访问)"选项卡
  4. 在“Manage access(管理访问)”的右侧,单击 Invite teams or people(邀请团队或人员)"Invite teams or people(邀请团队或人员)"按钮
  5. In the search field, start typing the name of the person to invite, then click a name in the list of matches. 用于输入要邀请加入仓库的团队或人员名称的搜索字段
  6. Under "Choose a role", select the repository role to assign the person, then click Add NAME to REPOSITORY. 为团队或人员选择权限


  1. In the top right corner of GitHub Enterprise Server, click your profile photo, then click Your organizations. 个人资料菜单中的组织
  2. 单击您的组织名称。 组织列表中的组织名称
  3. 在组织名称下,单击 People. 人员选项卡
  4. 单击 Members(成员)Outside collaborators(外部协作者)以管理具有不同访问权限的人员。 邀请成员或外部协作者参加组织的按钮
  5. 在您要管理的人员名称右侧,使用 下拉菜单,并单击 Manage(管理)管理访问链接
  6. 在 "Manage access"(管理访问权限)页面上的仓库旁边,单击 Manage access(管理访问权限)管理对仓库的访问权限按钮
  7. 检查个人对指定仓库的访问权限,例如他们是协作者还是通过团队成员资格来访问仓库。 用户的仓库访问矩阵