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Viewing code scanning logs

You can view the output generated during 代码扫描 analysis in

If you have write permissions to a repository, you can view the 代码扫描 logs for that repository.

代码扫描 is available for all public repositories on 代码扫描 is also available for private repositories owned by organizations that use GitHub Enterprise Cloud and have a license for GitHub Advanced Security. 更多信息请参阅“GitHub 的产品”。

About your 代码扫描 setup

You can use a variety of tools to set up 代码扫描 in your repository. For more information, see "Setting up 代码扫描 for a repository."

The log and diagnostic information available to you depends on the method you use for 代码扫描 in your repository. You can check the type of 代码扫描 you're using in the Security tab of your repository, by using the Tool drop-down menu in the alert list. For more information, see "Managing 代码扫描 alerts for your repository."

About analysis and diagnostic information

You can see analysis and diagnostic information for 代码扫描 run using CodeQL analysis on GitHub.

Analysis information is shown for the most recent analysis in a header at the top of the list of alerts. For more information, see "Managing code scanning alerts for your repository."

Diagnostic information is displayed in the Action workflow logs and consists of summary metrics and extractor diagnostics. For information about accessing 代码扫描 logs on GitHub, see "Viewing the logging output from 代码扫描" below.

If you're using the CodeQL CLI outside GitHub, you'll see diagnostic information in the output generated during database analysis. This information is also included in the SARIF results file you upload to GitHub with the 代码扫描 results.

For information about the CodeQL CLI, see "Configuring CodeQL CLI in your CI system."

About summary metrics


  • 在创建和提取 CodeQL 数据库之前,代码库中的代码行(用作基线)
  • 从代码中提取的 CodeQL 数据库中的代码行,包括外部库和自动生成的文件
  • CodeQL 数据库中的代码行,不包括自动生成的文件和外部库

About CodeQL source code extraction diagnostics


  • 成功分析的文件数量
  • 在创建数据库过程中生成提取器错误的文件数量
  • 在创建数据库过程中生成提取器警告的文件数量

You can see more detailed information about CodeQL extractor errors and warnings that occurred during database creation by enabling debug logging. For more information, see "Troubleshooting the CodeQL workflow."

Viewing the logging output from 代码扫描

This section applies to 代码扫描 run using GitHub Actions (CodeQL or third-party).

After setting up 代码扫描 for your repository, you can watch the output of the actions as they run.

  1. 在仓库名称下,单击 Actions(操作)主仓库导航中的操作选项卡

    You'll see a list that includes an entry for running the 代码扫描 workflow. The text of the entry is the title you gave your commit message.

    Actions list showing 代码扫描 workflow

  2. Click the entry for the 代码扫描 workflow.

  3. Click the job name on the left. For example, Analyze (LANGUAGE).

    Log output from the 代码扫描 workflow

  4. Review the logging output from the actions in this workflow as they run.

  5. Once all jobs are complete, you can view the details of any 代码扫描 alerts that were identified. For more information, see "Managing 代码扫描 alerts for your repository."

Note: If you raised a pull request to add the 代码扫描 workflow to the repository, alerts from that pull request aren't displayed directly on the 代码扫描 page until the pull request is merged. If any alerts were found you can view these, before the pull request is merged, by clicking the n alerts found link in the banner on the 代码扫描 page.

Click the "n alerts found" link