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Выпуск GitHub AE сейчас ограничен.

Сбой автоматической сборки для скомпилированного языка

If automatic build fails, you can configure code scanning to use specific build steps for compiled languages.

Note: This article describes the features available with the version of the CodeQL action and associated CodeQL CLI bundle included in the initial release of this version of GitHub AE. If your enterprise uses a more recent version of the CodeQL action, see the GitHub Enterprise Cloud version of this article for information on the latest features.

If an automatic build of code for a compiled language within your project fails, you can try removing the autobuild step from your code scanning workflow and adding specific build steps. If you're not already using advanced setup, you'll need to enable it first to create a workflow you can edit. For more information about advanced setup, see "Creating a workflow for code scanning." For more information about specifically replacing the autobuild step, see "CodeQL code scanning for compiled languages."