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Просмотр метрик для защиты от принудительной отправки секретов в организации

Общие сведения о безопасности можно использовать для просмотра того, как защита от отправки данных secret scanning выполняется в репозиториях в организации, а также для определения репозиториев, где может потребоваться выполнить действия.

Кто эту функцию можно использовать?

Security overview for an organization is available to all members of the organization. The views and data displayed are determined by your role in the organization, and by your permissions for individual repositories within the organization. For more information, see "About security overview."

Security overview for an enterprise shows organization owners and security managers data for the organizations they have access to. Enterprise owners can only view data for organizations where they are added as an organization owner or security manager. For more information, see "Managing your role in an organization owned by your enterprise."

Все предприятия и их организации имеют обзор безопасности. Если вы используете функции GitHub Advanced Security , которые бесплатны для общедоступных репозиториев, вы увидите дополнительные сведения. Дополнительные сведения см. в разделе Сведения о GitHub Advanced Security.

Note: Secret scanning metrics for push protection is currently in beta and subject to change.

About metrics for secret scanning push protection

If you are an organization owner or security manager, the metrics overview for secret scanning push protection helps you to understand how well you are preventing security leaks in your organization. You can use the metrics to assess how push protection is performing, and to easily identify the repositories where you may need to take action in order to prevent leaks of sensitive information.

The overview shows you a summary of how many pushes containing secrets have been successfully blocked across your organization by push protection, as well as how many times push protection was bypassed.

You can also find more granular metrics, such as:

  • The secret types that have been blocked or bypassed the most
  • The repositories that have had the most pushes blocked
  • The repositories that are bypassing push protection the most
  • The percentage distribution of reasons that users give when they bypass the protection

Use the date picker to set the time range that you want to view alert activity and metrics for, and click in the search box to add further filters on the alerts and metrics displayed. For more information, see "Filtering alerts in security overview."

You can see secret scanning metrics if you have:

The metrics are based on activity from the default period or your selected period.

Screenshot of the top section of the "Metrics" view for secret scanning on the "Security" tab for an organization.

Viewing metrics for secret scanning push protection

  1. On, navigate to the main page of the organization.

  2. Under your organization name, click Security.

    Screenshot of the horizontal navigation bar for an organization. A tab, labeled with a shield icon and "Security," is outlined in dark orange.

  3. In the sidebar, under "Metrics", click Secret scanning.

  4. Click on an individual secret type or repository to see the associated secret scanning alerts for your organization.