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비밀 검사를 사용하여 비밀 보안 유지

GitHub가 토큰, 프라이빗 키 및 기타 코드 비밀이 리포지토리에서 노출되지 않도록 열심히 노력합니다.

누가 이 기능을 사용할 수 있는 있나요?

Secret scanning alerts for partners runs automatically on public repositories and public npm packages to notify service providers about leaked secrets on

Secret scanning alerts for users are available for free on all public repositories. Organizations using GitHub Enterprise Cloud with a license for GitHub Advanced Security can also enable secret scanning alerts for users on their private and internal repositories. Additionally, secret scanning alerts for users are available and in beta on user-owned repositories for GitHub Enterprise Cloud with Enterprise Managed Users. For more information, see "About secret scanning" and "About GitHub Advanced Security."

For information about how you can try GitHub Advanced Security for free, see "Setting up a trial of GitHub Advanced Security."