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Reviewing usage data for GitHub Copilot in your organization

Review GitHub Copilot usage in your organization to make informed decisions about seat assignment.

누가 이 기능을 사용할 수 있는 있나요?

Organization owners for organizations with a subscription to Copilot Business.

Reviewing usage data for GitHub Copilot in your organization

  1. GitHub의 오른쪽 위 모서리에서 프로필 사진을 선택하고 조직을 클릭합니다.

  2. 조직 옆에 있는 설정을 클릭합니다.

  3. 사이드바의 "코드, 계획 및 자동화" 섹션에서 Copilot 을(를) 클릭한 다음 액세스를 클릭합니다.

  4. At the top of the page, under "GitHub Copilot," you can see an overview of your organization's GitHub Copilot usage. You can see the number seats assigned through your Copilot Business subscription, and the estimated monthly cost.

    Screenshot of the GitHub Copilot usage overview.

  5. For more detailed information, next to "Access management," click Get report.

    GitHub generates a report for you, which you can download as a CSV file.

  6. Alternatively, under "Access management," you can use the Sort options to sort the list of users by when they last used GitHub Copilot.

Using the API to retrieve assignment information

You can use GitHub's REST API to get details about the assignment of GitHub Copilot seats in your organization. See "Get Copilot seat information and settings for an organization," "List all Copilot seat assignments for an organization," and "Get Copilot seat assignment details for a user."

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