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Managing alerts that have been automatically dismissed by a Dependabot auto-triage rule

You can filter to see which alerts have been auto-dismissed by a rule, and you can reopen dismissed alerts.

Note: Dependabot auto-triage rules are currently in beta and are subject to change.

Managing automatically dismissed alerts

Note: The Dependabot alerts page defaults to showing open alerts. To filter and view auto-dismissed alerts, you must first clear the is:open default filter from the view.

  1. GitHub.com에서 리포지토리의 기본 페이지로 이동합니다.

  2. 리포지토리 이름 아래에서 보안을 클릭합니다. "보안" 탭이 표시되지 않으면 드롭다운 메뉴를 선택한 다음 보안을 클릭합니다. 탭을 보여 주는 리포지토리 헤더의 스크린샷. "보안" 탭이 진한 주황색 윤곽선으로 강조 표시됩니다.

  3. To filter to see all closed alerts, click Closed. Alternatively, use the is:closed filter query in the search bar.

    Screenshot of the "Dependabot Alerts" page. A button, labelled "Closed" is highlighted with an orange outline.

  4. To see all auto-dismissed alerts, select Closed as, then in the dropdown menu, click Auto-dismissed.

    Screenshot of the "Dependabot Alerts" page. A button, labelled "Closed as" is highlighted with an orange outline.

  5. To reopen an auto-dismissed alert, to the left of the alert title, click the checkbox adjacent to the alert, then click Reopen.

    Screenshot of an alert title on the "Dependabot Alerts" page. To the left of the alert, a checkbox is highlighted in an orange outline.