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Asking GitHub Copilot questions in GitHub Mobile

You can use GitHub Copilot Chat in GitHub Mobile to answer general questions about software development.


GitHub Copilot Chat is a chat interface that lets you ask and receive answers to coding-related questions in GitHub Mobile. You can also use GitHub Copilot Chat within a supported IDE. For information on using GitHub Copilot Chat in an IDE, see "Poser des questions à GitHub Copilot dans votre IDE."

Copilot Chat in GitHub Mobile can help you with a variety of coding-related tasks, like offering you code suggestions, providing natural language descriptions of a piece of code's functionality and purpose, generating unit tests for your code, and proposing fixes for bugs in your code. For more information, see "Responsible use of GitHub Copilot Chat in GitHub Mobile."


The following limitation applies to Copilot Chat in GitHub Mobile:

  • The quality of the results from Copilot Chat may, in some situations, be degraded if very large files, or a large number of files, are used as a context for a question.


To use Copilot Chat in GitHub Mobile you will need the following.

  • Subscription to GitHub Copilot: You must have an active GitHub Copilot subscription. For more information, see "À propos de la facturation de GitHub Copilot."

    If you do not have a GitHub Copilot subscription, you can purchase a Copilot Individual subscription directly in the iOS version of GitHub Mobile, or in the Google Play Store for the Android version of GitHub Mobile.

  • Access to Copilot Chat in GitHub Mobile: If you are part of an organization with a GitHub Copilot Business subscription, the organization owner will need to grant you access to Copilot Chat in GitHub Mobile. For more information, see "Stratégies de gestion pour Copilot dans votre organisation."

  • Enable Copilot features for your device: Copilot needs to be enabled from within GitHub Mobile. For more information, see "Getting code suggestions in your IDE with GitHub Copilot." If you cannot see the Copilot logo in the GitHub Mobile home page, you may need to update your app version.

Asking a general question about software development

You can ask a general question about software development.

  1. In GitHub Mobile, tap the GitHub Copilot icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.


    The GitHub Copilot icon is not shown on every page in GitHub Mobile. If you don't see the icon, navigate to a different page in GitHub Mobile and look for the icon there.

  2. If the page displays a previous conversation you had with Copilot, tap in the top right corner of the screen, and then tap New conversation .

  3. At the bottom of the page, in the "Ask Copilot" box, type a question and send the message.

    Some examples of general questions you could ask are:

    • What are the advantages of the Go programming language?
    • What is Agile software development?
    • What is the most popular JavaScript framework?
    • Give me some examples of regular expressions.
    • Write a bash script to output today's date.
  4. Within a conversation thread, you can ask follow-up questions. Copilot will answer within the context of the conversation. For example, you could type "tell me more" to get Copilot to expand on its last comment.

    You can use your initial question as a foundation for follow-up questions. A detailed foundational prompt can help Copilot provide more relevant answers to your follow-up questions. For more information, see "Prompting GitHub Copilot Chat to become your personal AI assistant for accessibility" on the GitHub Blog.

  5. Pour revenir à une conversation précédente que vous avez eue avec Copilot, appuyez sur dans le coin supérieur droit de l'écran. Appuyez sur l’une des trois dernières conversations récemment modifiées, ou appuyez sur Afficher toutes les conversations . Vous accédez ainsi à la liste de toutes vos conversations précédentes avec Copilot.

  6. Pour supprimer une conversation, appuyez sur dans le coin supérieur droit de l’écran, puis appuyez sur Supprimer la conversation . Cette opération supprime la conversation de la liste des conversations précédentes que vous avez eues avec Copilot.

  7. Pour recommencer, avec une nouvelle conversation, appuyez sur dans le coin supérieur droit de l’écran, puis appuyez sur Nouvelle conversation .

    Vous devez toujours démarrer une nouvelle conversation si vous souhaitez poser une question qui n’est pas liée à la conversation actuelle.

Sharing feedback about GitHub Copilot Chat in GitHub Mobile

To give feedback about a particular Copilot Chat response:

  1. Tap the ellipsis (...) in the top right corner above the chat response you want to provide feedback on, and tap either Like Copilot response or Dislike Copilot response ,
  2. Optionally, provide information about why you liked or disliked the response.
  3. Tap Submit.