Organization owners can manage individual and team access to the organization's repositories. Team maintainers can also manage a team's repository access.

Repository permission levels for an organization

People with owner or team maintainer roles can manage repository access with teams. Each team can have different repository access permissions.

Managing an individual's access to an organization repository

Organization owners can manage any person's access to a repository, as well as other relevant information about the person's relationship to the organization.

Managing team access to an organization repository

Organization owners and team maintainers can add repositories to a team, as well as change the team's read, write, and admin access to the repository.

Adding outside collaborators to repositories in your organization

An outside collaborator is a person who isn't explicitly a member of your organization, but who has Read, Write, or Admin permissions to one or more repositories in your organization.

Removing an outside collaborator from an organization repository

Owners and repository admins can remove an outside collaborator's access to a repository.

Converting an organization member to an outside collaborator

If a current member of your organization only needs access to certain repositories, such as consultants or temporary employees, you can convert them to an outside collaborator.