You can customize your profile so that other people can get a better sense of who you are and the work you do.

About your profile

Your profile page tells people the story of your work through the repositories you're interested in, the contributions you've made, and the conversations you've had.

Setting your profile picture

Your profile picture helps identify you across your GitHub Enterprise instance in pull requests, comments, contributions pages, and graphs. You can choose to have a profile picture that represents you, your likeness, or your spirit animal.

Adding a bio to your profile

Add a bio to your profile to share information about yourself with other GitHub users. With the help of @mention's and emoji, you can include information about where you currently or have previously worked, what type of work you do, or even what kind of coffee you drink.

Pinning repositories to your profile

You can pin repositories to your profile so that other people can easily see repositories you own or have contributed to.