You can use features like templates and reactions to focus discussions with your project's users and collaborators.

Reacting to ideas in issues and pull requests

You can show your support or dissent for an idea in an issue or pull request. When you add a reaction to a comment or the body of an issue or pull request, people subscribed to the conversation won't receive a notification.

Example of an issue with reactions

Following contribution guidelines

Before you open an issue or pull request, check to see if the repository has contributing guidelines. The file includes information about how the repository maintainer would like you to contribute ideas to the project.

Similar to contributing guidelines, the repository maintainer may have included a template for information to include in an issue or pull request. Completing the prompts from the template may help you get a better response from maintainers.

Sorting issues and pull requests by reaction

You can sort issues and pull requests based on the most used reaction. Sorting by reaction can help repository maintainers prioritize issues and pull requests.

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