See updates about the important activities you're interested in. You can view notifications on GitHub Enterprise or in an email.

You will only receive email notifications if outbound email support is enabled on your GitHub Enterprise instance. For more information, contact your site administrator.

Types of notifications

GitHub Enterprise delivers two kinds of notifications:

  • Participating notifications are those in which you're directly involved in a conversation. You'll automatically receive these notifications when:

    • Someone mentions you or a team you're a member of
    • You're assigned to an issue or pull request
    • Someone makes a comment in a conversation you're subscribed to
  • Watching notifications are those in which you are actively watching a repository, but aren't necessarily participating. You can't receive notifications for your own actions. You'll automatically receive these notifications for:

    • Opened issues and their comments
    • Opened pull requests and their comments
    • Comments on any commits
    • Published releases

Shared read state

If you read a notification email, it can automatically be marked as read in your web notifications on GitHub Enterprise as well. To enable the shared read state, you must allow viewing images from the no-reply email address configured by your site administrator.

Managing notification delivery methods

You can choose to receive notifications on your GitHub Enterprise instance, via email, or both. For more information, see "Managing notification delivery methods."

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