This guide is targeted at system administrators and operations / security specialists. It documents the process of deploying GitHub Enterprise in your organization and includes important information on operational concerns like setting up backups and a DR plan, integrating with external authentication, network, and monitoring services, and scaling as usage grows over time.

GitHub Enterprise is distributed as a virtual machine image that you install and manage within your existing infrastructure. If you have not already purchased GitHub Enterprise, see for more information on features and frequently asked questions. To sign up for a trial, visit the trial sign-up page. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our Sales team at

If you already have an account and are migrating to GitHub Enterprise, you can obtain the virtual machine image and required license file from the GitHub Enterprise download page after signing in to your account:

Once you've obtained your license and virtual machine image, you're ready to go! Follow this guide to set up your GitHub Enterprise installation.

Table of Contents