Configure GitHub Enterprise with the DNS nameservers and hostname required in your network. You must also allow access to certain ports for administrative and user purposes.

DNS, hostname, subdomain isolation, and SSL

GitHub Enterprise allows you to set your appliance's hostname and nameservers, as well as enable SSL. For added security, you can also set up separate subdomains for services such as Gist and GitHub Pages.

Validating your domain settings

Ensure that your instance is properly configured before booting up your GitHub Enterprise instance for the first time.

Configuring a proxy server

A proxy server provides an additional level of security for your instance. Any outbound messages sent by GitHub Enterprise—such as outgoing webhooks, uploading bundles, or fetching legacy avatars—are first sent through the proxy server.

Configuring built-in firewall rules

GitHub Enterprise uses Ubuntu's UFW firewall on the virtual appliance.

Network ports to open

Open network ports selectively based on the network services you need to expose for administrative and user purposes.