At GitHub, we have a deceptively simple workflow that we use to collaborate on projects. It worked for us when we were a small team and continues to work even as we've grown to over 200 employees.

Because we use this workflow every day, we've enabled the ability to complete each piece within a web-based interface.

Click the links in the steps below to learn how you can use the GitHub workflow too!

  1. Create a branch right from the repository.
  2. Create, edit, rename, move, or delete files.
  3. Send a pull request from your branch with your changes to kick off a discussion.
  4. Make changes on your branch as needed. Your pull request will update automatically.
  5. Merge the pull request, once the branch is ready to go, using the big green button.
  6. Tidy up your branches using the delete button in the pull request or on the branches page.

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