Nearly every page on GitHub Enterprise has a keyboard shortcut to perform actions faster.

Typing ? in GitHub Enterprise brings up a dialog box that lists the keyboard shortcuts available for that page. You can use these keyboard shortcuts to perform actions across the site without using your mouse to navigate.

Below is a list of some of the available keyboard shortcuts.

Site wide shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut Description
s Focus the search bar. For more information, see "About searching on GitHub."
g n Go to your notifications. For more information, see "About notifications."


Keyboard Shortcut Description
g c Go to the Code tab
g i Go to the Issues tab. For more information, see "About issues."
g p Go to the Pull requests tab. For more information, see "About pull requests."
g w Go to the Wiki tab. For more information, see "About GitHub wikis."

Source code editing

Keyboard Shortcut Description
control f or command f Start searching in file editor
control g or command g Find next
shift control g or shift command g Find previous
shift control f or command option f Replace
shift control r or shift command option f Replace all
alt g Jump to line
control z or command z Undo
control y or command y Redo

For more keyboard shortcuts, see the CodeMirror documentation.

Source code browsing

Keyboard Shortcut Description
t Activates the file finder
l Jump to a line in your code
w Switch to a new branch or tag
y Expand a URL to its canonical form. For more information, see "Getting permanent links to files."
i Show or hide comments on diffs. For more information, see "Commenting on the diff of a pull request."
b Open blame view. For more information, see "Tracing changes in a file."


Keyboard Shortcut Description
control b or command b Inserts Markdown formatting for bolding text
control i or command i Inserts Markdown formatting for italicizing text
control k or command k Inserts Markdown formatting for creating a link
control shift p or command shift p Toggles between the Write and Preview comment tabs
control enter Submits a comment

Issue and pull request lists

Keyboard Shortcut Description
c Create an issue
/ Focus the issues search bar. For more information, see "Using search to filter issues and pull requests."
u Filter by author
l Filter by or edit labels. For more information, see "Filtering issues and pull requests by labels."
m Filter by or edit milestones. For more information, see "Filtering issues and pull requests by milestone."
a Filter by or edit assignee. For more information, see "Filtering issues and pull requests by assignees."
r Quote the selected text in your reply
o or enter Open issue

Issues and pull requests

Keyboard Shortcut Description
q Request a reviewer. For more information, see "Requesting a pull request review."
m Set a milestone. For more information, see "Associating milestones with issues and pull requests."
l Apply a label. For more information, see "Applying labels to issues and pull requests."
a Set an assignee. For more information, see "Assigning issues and pull requests to other GitHub users."

Changes in pull requests

Keyboard Shortcut Description
c Open the list of commits in the pull request
t Open the list of changed files in the pull request
j Move selection down in the list
k Move selection up in the list


Keyboard Shortcut Description
e or I or y Mark as read
shift m Mute thread

Network Graph

Keyboard Shortcut Description
or h Scroll left
or l Scroll right
or k Scroll up
or j Scroll down
shift ← or shift h Scroll all the way left
shift → or shift l Scroll all the way right
shift ↑ or shift k Scroll all the way up
shift ↓ or shift j Scroll all the way down