You can use filters to list pull requests by review status and to find pull requests that you've reviewed or other people have asked you to review.

You can filter a repository's list of pull requests to find:

  • Pull requests that haven't been reviewed yet
  • Pull requests that require a review before they can be merged
  • Pull requests that a reviewer has approved
  • Pull requests in which a reviewer has asked for changes
  • Pull requests that you have reviewed
  • Pull requests that someone has asked you to review

  1. On GitHub Enterprise, navigate to the main page of the repository.

  2. Under your repository name, click Pull requests. Issues and pull requests tab selection

  3. In the upper-right corner, select the Reviews drop-down menu. Reviews drop-down menu in the filter menu above the list of pull requests

  4. Choose a filter to find all of the pull requests with that filter's status. List of filters in the Reviews drop-down menu

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