Logs are useful in troubleshooting problems you encounter when setting up Enterprise installations, however, these logs are not available via the admin SSH user provided with the install. Therefore, we provide a Support Bundle, a gzip compressed tar archive, which contains important logs on the VM. There are two mechanisms available to download these logs, from the management console and from the CLI. If you're having trouble with your installation and need to contact support, you may be asked to upload a Support Bundle to our support site.

Downloading from the Management Console

You can download a Support Bundle from the Management Console by browsing to


From there, you have the option to download the bundle:

Downloading a support bunde

Downloading from the CLI

Beginning with the 11.10.260 release, we include a new method for obtaining a Support Bundle. Use your admin SSH user to login and execute the following utility to get a local copy:

ssh admin@enterprise-server -- 'ghe-support-bundle -o' > support-bundle.tgz

This may be useful if you encounter errors when attempting to download the Support Bundle from the web UI.

Some Log Highlights

There are a variety of application and system logs in the bundle. Some logs you may find helpful are:

  • github-logs/auth.log – This log contains authentication-related errors that may prove helpful when setting up LDAP or CAS authentication.
  • github-logs/exceptions.log – If you encounter a 500 error on the site, this log will usually contain information about the error.
  • enterprise-manage/unicorn.log – This log may also contain information on 500 errors you encounter while using the Management Console.

Uploading support bundles

  1. Open a support ticket at https://enterprise.github.com/support.
  2. After you submit the ticket, look for a confirmation email from GitHub Enterprise Support.
  3. In your confirmation email, use the ticket reference link to upload your support bundle. The link is formatted as follows, replacing TICKET_REF with your ticket reference number: