You can collect all of the logs from network servers in one centralized location for either searchability or archival purposes. Enabling Log Forwarding in the Management Console will cause all relevant system and application logs to be forwarded to the host machine specified via rsyslog. Any log collection system that supports syslog-style log streams is supported (e.g., logstash and splunk).

Enabling Log Forwarding

To enable Log Forwarding, browse to the Management Console at http(s)://[hostname]/setup/settings and scroll down the Monitoring section. Select the "Enable log forwarding (recommended)" option, and you should see the following:

Enabling log forwarding

Enter the hostname and/or port of the log collection service you're running on another machine and then choose the protocol you're using (many support both TCP and UDP). After you're done, save your settings.

Once the configuration process completes, you should start seeing log events show up in your log collection service.


If you have any problems, please contact support; attach the output file from http(s)://[hostname]/setup/diagnostics to your email.