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Code security / Dependabot / Dependabot version updates /

About Dependabot version updates

" When Dependabot raises pull requests, these pull requests could be for security or version updates: Dependabot security updates are automated pull

GitHub Issues / Labels and milestones /

About milestones

Prioritizing issues and pull requests in milestones You can prioritize open issues and pull requests in a milestone by clicking to the left of an issue

Organizations / Manage organization settings /

Managing scheduled reminders for your organization

Scheduled reminders for pull requests will send a message to your team in Slack with all open pull requests that you or your team have been asked to review

REST API / Overview /

Media types

Commits, commit comparison, and pull requests The REST API to manage commits and pull requests support diff and patch formats: diff media type for commits

Repositories / Work with files / Managing large files /

Collaboration with Git Large File Storage

" Viewing large files in pull requests GitHub does not render some Git LFS objects in pull requests.

Contribute to GitHub Docs / Collaborate on GitHub Docs /

About contributing to GitHub Docs

Pull requests A pull request is a way to suggest changes in our repository.

GitHub Actions / Security guides /

Security hardening for GitHub Actions

approving pull requests.

REST API / Guides /

Using the REST API to interact with your Git database

a pull request using the REST API.

REST API / Search /


To get results for both issues and pull requests, you must send separate queries for issues and pull requests.

REST API / Commits /


requests associated with a commit Works with GitHub Apps Lists the merged pull request that introduced the commit to the repository.