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GitHub Issues / Labels and milestones /

About milestones

groups of issues or pull requests in a repository. When you create a milestone, you can associate it with issues and pull requests. To better manage your

Code security / Dependabot / Dependabot version updates /

About Dependabot version updates

updates." If you enable security updates, Dependabot also raises pull requests to update vulnerable dependencies. For more information, see "About

Organizations / Manage organization settings /

Managing scheduled reminders for your organization

in Slack for all pull requests that teams in your organization have been requested to review. About scheduled reminders for pull requests Scheduled reminders

Repositories / Work with files / Managing large files /

Collaboration with Git Large File Storage

contributors." Viewing large files in pull requests GitHub does not render some Git LFS objects in pull requests. Only the pointer file is shown, with

Contribute to GitHub Docs / Collaborate on GitHub Docs /

About contributing to GitHub Docs

employees should open issues in the private docs-content repository. Pull requests A pull request is a way to suggest changes in our repository. When we

GitHub Actions / Security guides /

Security hardening for GitHub Actions

creating or approving pull requests You can choose to allow or prevent GitHub Actions workflows from creating or approving pull requests. Allowing workflows

REST API / Search /

REST API endpoints for search

"node_id": "MDQ6VXNlcjU4MzIzMQ==" } ] } Search issues and pull requests Find issues by state and keyword. This method returns up to 100 results

REST API / Guides /

Using the REST API to interact with your Git database

things you could potentially do with the API. Checking mergeability of pull requests Warning! Please do not depend on using Git directly or GET /repos/{o

REST API / Commits /

REST API endpoints for commits

1a34c7fbeeda2479ccbc" }, "protected": false } ] List pull requests associated with a commit Lists the merged pull request that introduced

REST API / Authentication /

Permissions required for fine-grained personal access tokens

/repos/{owner}/{repo}/projects read Repository permissions for "Pull requests" Endpoint Access Additional permissions PATCH /repos/{owner}/{r