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About pull requests

Pull requests let you tell others about changes you've pushed to a branch in a repository on GitHub. Once a pull request is opened, you can discuss and

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Searching issues and pull requests

issues and pull requests on GitHub and narrow the results using these search qualifiers in any combination. You can search for issues and pull requests globally

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Filtering and searching issues and pull requests

sort, and search issues and pull requests that are relevant to the repository. Tip: You can also filter issues or pull requests using the GitHub CLI. For

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REST API endpoints for pull requests

REST API/ Pull requests/ Pull requests REST API endpoints for pull requests Use the REST API to interact with pull requests. About pull requests You can

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Managing pull requests for dependency updates

manage pull requests raised by Dependabot in much the same way as other pull requests, but there are some extra options. About Dependabot pull requests Dependabot

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Best practices for pull requests

improve the consistency and quality of pull requests and pull request reviews. Best practices for creating pull requests When creating a pull request, follow

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Adding issues and pull requests to a project (classic)

You can add issues and pull requests to a project (classic) in the form of cards and triage them into columns. Notes: Projects, the all-new projects experience

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Assigning issues and pull requests to other GitHub users

Assignees clarify who is working on specific issues and pull requests. About issue and pull request assignees You can assign multiple people to each issue

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Using GitHub Codespaces for pull requests

Codespaces in your web browser, or in Visual Studio Code to create pull requests, review pull requests, and address review comments. Using a codespace to work on

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Triaging code scanning alerts in pull requests

highlighted code and resolve the alert. About code scanning results on pull requests In repositories where code scanning is configured as a pull request check