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About pull requests

pull request"

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Searching issues and pull requests

Search for draft pull requests You can filter for draft pull requests. For more information, see "About pull requests.

GitHub Issues / Issues /

Filtering and searching issues and pull requests

" You can filter issues and pull requests to find: All open issues and pull requests Issues and pull requests that you've created Issues and pull

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Managing pull requests for dependency updates

About Dependabot pull requests Dependabot raises pull requests to update dependencies.

GitHub Issues / Projects (classic) / Tracking projects (classic) /

Adding issues and pull requests to a project (classic)

or pull requests sidebar.

GitHub Issues / Issues /

Assigning issues and pull requests to other GitHub users

Under your repository name, click Issues or Pull requests. Open the issue or pull request that you want to assign to someone.

GitHub Codespaces / Developing in a codespace /

Using GitHub Codespaces for pull requests

and approve pull requests.

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Triaging code scanning alerts in pull requests

Check results in the pull request The Conversation tab of the pull request, as part of a pull request review The Files changed tab of the pull request

Pull requests documentation

Popular About pull request reviews Resolving a merge conflict on GitHub Syncing a fork Merging a pull request Guides Approving a pull request with required

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Leave feedback with pull requests

Review the pull request. For more information, see "Commenting on a pull request.