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GitHub AE is currently under limited release.

About ticket priority

You can communicate the severity of your issue and how it is affecting you and your team by setting the priority of your support ticket.

About ticket priorities

When you contact GitHub Support, you can choose a priority for the ticket:

  • Low
  • Normal
  • High
  • Urgent

GitHub has the sole discretion to modify the priority of a ticket at any time, and may lower the priority of a ticket after determining and mitigating the primary cause of an issue.

Ticket priorities

Urgent - Sev AGitHub AE is inaccessible or failing entirely, and the failure directly impacts the operation of your business.

After you file a support ticket, reach out to GitHub Support via phone.
  • Errors or outages that affect core Git or web application functionality for all users
  • Severe network or performance degradation for majority of users
  • Full or rapidly filling storage
  • Known security incidents or a breach of access
High - Sev BGitHub AE is failing in a production environment, with limited impact to your business processes, or only affecting certain customers.
  • Performance degradation that reduces productivity for many users
  • Reduced redundancy concerns from failures or service degradation
  • Production-impacting bugs or errors
  • GitHub AE configuration security concerns
Normal - Sev CGitHub AE is experiencing limited or moderate issues and errors with GitHub AE, or you have general concerns or questions about the operation of GitHub AE.
  • Advice on using GitHub AE APIs and features including rate limits, or questions about integrating business workflows
  • Issues with user tools and data collection methods
  • Upgrades
  • Bug reports, general security questions, or other feature related questions
Low - Sev DGitHub AE is functioning as expected, however, you have a question or suggestion about GitHub AE that is not time-sensitive, or does not otherwise block the productivity of your team.
  • Feature requests and product feedback
  • General questions on overall configuration or use of GitHub AE
  • Notifying GitHub Support of any planned changes

Ticket priorities for Advanced Security

HighAdvanced Security is not functioning or is stopped or severely impacted such that the end user cannot reasonably continue use of the software and no workaround is available.
NormalAdvanced Security is functioning inconsistently, causing impaired end user usage and productivity.
LowAdvanced Security is functioning consistently, but the end user requests minor changes in the software, such as documentation updates, cosmetic defects, or enhancements.

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