About billing for GitHub Packages

If you want to use GitHub Packages beyond the storage or data transfer included in your account, you will be billed for additional usage.

GitHub Packages is available with GitHub Free, GitHub Pro, GitHub Free for organizations, GitHub Team, GitHub Enterprise Cloud, GitHub Enterprise Server 2.22, and GitHub One.

GitHub Packages is not available for private repositories owned by accounts using legacy per-repository plans. Also, accounts using legacy per-repository plans cannot access GitHub Container Registry since these accounts are billed by repository. For more information, see "GitHub's products."

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About billing for GitHub Packages

GitHub Packages usage is free for public packages. For private packages, each GitHub account receives a certain amount of free storage and data transfer, depending on the product used with the account. By default, your account will have a spending limit of $0, which prevents additional usage of storage or data transfer after you reach the included amounts. If you increase your spending limit above the default of $0, you will be billed for any additional storage or data transfer, also called overages, up to your spending limit. Any coupons on your account do not apply to GitHub Packages overages.

Billing update for container image storage: During the beta phase of GitHub Container Registry, Docker image storage and bandwidth are free for the old docker.pkg.github.com and new ghcr.io hosting services. For more information, see "About GitHub Container Registry."

Data transfer resets every month, while storage usage does not.

ProductStorageData transfer (per month)
GitHub Free500MB1GB
GitHub Pro2GB10GB
GitHub Free for organizations500MB1GB
GitHub Team2GB10GB
GitHub Enterprise Cloud50GB100GB

All data transferred out, when triggered by GitHub Actions, and data transferred in from any source is free. We determine you are downloading packages using GitHub Actions when you log in to GitHub Packages using a GITHUB_TOKEN.

Access using a GITHUB_TOKENFreeFree
Access using a personal access tokenFree$

Storage usage is shared with build artifacts produced by GitHub Actions for repositories owned by your account. For more information, see "About billing for GitHub Actions."

GitHub charges usage to the account that owns the repository where the package is published. If your account's usage surpasses these limits and you have set a spending limit above $0, you will pay $0.25 USD per GB of storage and $0.50 USD per GB of data transfer.

For example, if your organization uses GitHub Team, allows unlimited spending, uses 150GB of storage, and has 50GB of data transfer out during a month, the organization would have overages of 148GB for storage and 40GB for data transfer for that month. The storage overage would cost $0.25 per GB or $37. The overage for data transfer would cost $0.50 per GB or $20.

At the end of the month, GitHub rounds your data transfer to the nearest GB.

GitHub calculates your storage usage for each month based on hourly usage during that month. For example, if you use 3 GB of storage for 10 days of March and 12 GB for 21 days of March, your storage usage would be:

  • 3 GB x 10 days x (24 hours per day) = 720 GB-Hours
  • 12 GB x 21 days x (24 hours per day) = 6,048 GB-Hours
  • 720 GB-Hours + 6,048 GB-Hours = 6,768 GB-Hours
  • 6,768 GB-Hours / (744 hours per month) = 9.0967 GB-Months

At the end of the month, GitHub rounds your storage to the nearest MB. Therefore, your storage usage for March would be 9.097 GB.

Your GitHub Packages usage shares your account's existing billing date, payment method, and receipt. To view all the subscriptions for your GitHub account, see "Viewing your subscriptions and billing date."

About spending limits

By default, your account will have a spending limit of $0 for GitHub Packages usage. To enable storage and data transfer for private packages beyond the amounts included with your account, you can increase the spending limit or allow unlimited spending. For more information, see "Managing your spending limit for GitHub Packages."

If you pay for your enterprise account by invoice, you cannot manage the spending limit for your enterprise account on GitHub. If you want to allow organizations owned by your enterprise account to use GitHub Packages beyond the storage or data transfer included in their accounts, you can prepay for overages. Because overages must prepaid, you cannot enable unlimited spending on accounts paid by invoice. Your spending limit will be 150% of the amount you prepaid. If you have any questions, contact our account management team.

If your account has outstanding unpaid charges:

  • The storage or minutes included in your account for GitHub Actions and GitHub Packages will not be reset until the payment has been successfully processed.
  • For accounts with storage or minutes remaining for the current billing period, GitHub Actions and GitHub Packages will continue to be available until any included usage has been reached.
  • For accounts that have reached the included usage for the current billing period for GitHub Actions or GitHub Packages, both GitHub Actions and GitHub Packages will be disabled to prevent any further overages. If you pay your account by invoice, you must contact our account management team to process payment and reset your usage.

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