Article version: Enterprise Server 2.19

Preparing to submit a ticket

Help GitHub Support help you faster by following these suggestions before you open a support ticket.

Before submitting a ticket, you should:

  • Obtain information that can help GitHub Support track, prioritize, reproduce, or investigate the issue.
  • Reproduce the issue if applicable and be prepared to share the steps.
  • Be prepared to provide a full description of the issue and expected results.
  • Copy exact wording of all error messages related to your issue.
  • Determine if there is an existing ticket number in any ongoing communications with GitHub Support.
  • Determine the best person to contact GitHub Support.

For more information, see "Submitting a ticket."

Choosing a contact person

Especially for tickets with Urgent priority, the person contacting GitHub Support should:

  • Be knowledgeable in your internal systems, tools, policies, and practices.
  • Be a proficient user of GitHub Enterprise Server.
  • Have full access and permissions to any services that are required to troubleshoot the issue.
  • Be authorized to make the recommended changes to your network and any applicable products.

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