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Reviewing migration data

After every step of a migration you can review the state of the migration data. You'll be able to ensure records are being mapped or renamed properly, get the new urls for records after the import step, as well as list out any records that failed to migrate.

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By default, ghe-migrator audit returns every record. It also allows you to filter records by:

  • The types of records.
  • The state of the records.

The record types match those found in the migrated data.

Record type filters

Record type Filter name
Users user
Organizations organization
Repositories repository
Teams team
Milestones milestone
Project boards project
Issues issue
Issue comments issue_comment
Pull requests pull_request
Pull request reviews pull_request_review
Commit comments commit_comment
Pull request review comments pull_request_review_comment
Releases release
Actions taken on pull requests or issues issue_event
Protected branches protected_branch

Record state filters

Record state Description
export The record will be exported.
import The record will be imported.
map The record will be mapped.
rename The record will be renamed.
merge The record will be merged.
exported The record was successfully exported.
imported The record was successfully imported.
mapped The record was successfully mapped.
renamed The record was successfully renamed.
merged The record was successfully merged.
failed_export The record failed to export.
failed_import The record failed to be imported.
failed_map The record failed to be mapped.
failed_rename The record failed to be renamed.
failed_merge The record failed to be merged.

Filtering audited records

With the ghe-migrator audit command, you can filter based on the record type using the -m flag. Similarly, you can filter on the import state using the -s flag. The command looks like this:

$ ghe-migrator audit -m RECORD_TYPE -s STATE -g MIGRATION_GUID

For example, to view every successfully imported organization and team, you would enter:

$ ghe-migrator audit -m organization,team -s mapped,renamed -g MIGRATION_GUID
> model_name,source_url,target_url,state
> organization,https://gh.source/octo-org/,,renamed

We strongly recommend auditing every import that failed. To do that, you will enter:

$ ghe-migrator audit -s failed_import,failed_map,failed_rename,failed_merge -g MIGRATION_GUID
> model_name,source_url,target_url,state
> user,https://gh.source/octocat,,failed
> repository,https://gh.source/octo-org/octo-project,,failed

If you have any concerns about failed imports, contact GitHub Enterprise Support or GitHub Premium Support.

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